Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Birth Control/STIs

     As someone who is on birth control I already know the risks of being sexually active even while on the pill. I would advice to still use a condom since birth control isn't 100% affective, especially if you miss a pill. If you're with someone who has had intercourse with someone else I advice to use a condom there as well unless they get regular check ups. Either way just take precautions when getting heated with someone.


     Although I only went to the first half of the presentation I could tell they were forcing too much information at once. It was a long presentation which bored me more than once. I understand they're trying to get a message across but they could maybe shorten it so more people wouldn't doze off. However, I admit I was bored because I have already gone to NCDS with my mother and have had my fair share of meetings with the people who work there.

Drug Awareness

     Although I find the constant pushing of drug awareness kind of annoying it does have a purpose. I find it annoying because we've all heard it but at the same time, for others, it can be a reminder in a way that it's not okay. I personally do not do drugs but that's because I have seen the effects it has on people and what it does and I don't see the lure in it all.


     I don't particularly find hunting or trapping to be interesting, however the presentation done by Brian Love wasn't half bad. He explained how traps work and what was used for what; admittedly I don't remember much but that's because I wasn't too interested in it. I learned a bit but I don't think it's cut out for me.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Canadian Armed Forces

     I don't think they should be presenting in schools because students barely have enough experience of life. They should do them in other places so people can have a choice as to attend or not. I'm not all for the whole army idea, but I don't care enough to have a real opinion on it. Also, if they were to present in places besides classes they could have more time to go more into detail about more things, instead of just scratching the surface.

Mining Presentation

     I personally found the presentation boring and, no offense, a waste of my time. I'm not interested in rocks nor have I ever thought about mining. I heard they had played games during the second half but I get fidgety if I sit still for so long with no work to do. However, it was kind of cool to learn about what rocks are magnetic or not. They were pretty, I'll admit that.

Mental Health

     I liked Ms. Sarah Irwin-Gardner's presentation on mental health because the spread of mental health awareness is important to me. I find that not a lot of people understand, even those who say they do, what it's like to have social anxiety or depression. With social anxiety I have missed classes because of it, but I'm still blamed because "You can't use your mental illness as an excuse." I'm not using it as an excuse, it is a legitimate issue that I am working on. I have lost plenty of marks due to my anxiety and refusing to present in front of the class.
     My anxiety affects my daily life and school performance, and I'm made to feel like I should be better or that I need to be fixed. It may be hard to imagine that going in front of a minimum of five to ten kids is terrifying enough to bring tears to some people's eyes, but don't push them into doing anything.
     My depression has caused me lack of motivation in the past, and therefore, low marks. I have missed classes or even just days because of how unmotivated I was. You can't force someone out of this, but you can help them.